My Four Legged Friends

Harvey & Blue (left to right)

My Four Legged Friends

Horses… since I was very small have been a source of great joy to me.

Therefore, when the opportunity came to have my own horse, I jumped at the chance.

After much searching I came across a beautiful Irish Draught for sale… Off Stephen and I went to have a look… “That is all it took, just one look” I knew he was for me.  Riding him confirmed all my feelings, he was coming home to Norfolk… Thus a week later he arrived.

Blue is an Irish Draught he stands at 16.2 hands high, he weighs in at 720 kg he is in short a mighty fine Boy. You only have to look at him and he makes you smile. I now had my large friend to pootle round the back roads of Norfolk with… how perfect!

Not being the type to stand still I started thinking. I wonder what life would be like, if I purchased a foal at 6 months of age, that would grow up with me and I would provide the education needed.

It did not take that long to decide… I would look for a breed of pony about 14.2 hands high, that as the years went by I would not lose too much dignity hauling my back side up and over – not a good look I can assure you….

After much searching and research I discovered, that this type of Pony can be found on the New Forest! … After making contact with lady on the New Forest, I was offered Harvey (or at that point he only had his posh name, Sandhole Moonshine).

Harvey as I had named him, arrived on the 27th December (a belated Christmas present to myself) … he had experienced very little human contact and had just been separated from his mother… he was a frightened little chap!!

Blue “My Might Fine”

Harvey “My Happy Heart”

With help from Harry and Catherine we managed to get Harvey into his new stable…. Thus began 2 days of me living in the stable with Harvey (complete with flask, deck chair and a very good book… Monty Roberts – From My Hand to Yours) … Stephen commented it was the most peaceful Christmas he had experienced… he did at one-point mention perhaps I would like another foal for next Christmas – very cheeky.

After 2 days Harvey seemed very tired, at this point I decided to fold up my deck chair and lay down in the stable… It could go two ways, thank goodness Harvey moved towards me and laid down with me, thus began mine and Harvey’s journey…

Harry has advised me that my blog should be about 400 words as I have already exceeded this point I will bring this blog to a close and continue Harvey’s journey in two week’s time…

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