Harvey’s Journey

Harvey’s Journey

I could write pages and pages about Harvey and his training, I could bore you for my country, I will try and keep it short… Harvey’s training went well, until we had a massive hiccup two years ago.

Harvey believes in living life to the full, one morning while perfecting his hand brake turns he fractured a splint bone, the stress of the fracture brought on laminitis, which is a very painful condition that can cause, the bones in the hoof to rotate and drop down…

I am very lucky in that, my farrier Charlie is just brilliant! and my vet is not far behind!

Thus began the long process of nursing Harvey back to good health. In all it took a year.

During that year, every four weeks the vet and Charlie would visit, another set of x rays would be taken. Harvey began to improve, he spent 8 months in his stable and then a small coral was built outside his stable. I have to say he was a very good brave boy and did all that was asked of him.

The day Harvey was turned out into the sand school is a day I will always remember… I walked him into the school undid the lead rein and walked away, he stood there as if to say “What do I do now” he soon remembered…

In March 2015 Harvey was introduced back to his smaller paddock and slowly we began work. At first we went out on short walks these increased as his muscle tone improved, then it was onto the sand school.

Harry has put together a short video of Harvey working.  The first clip is Harvey being lunged in the sand school, the second clip is of Harvey along with his rider. All of our animals past and present have their own song, Harvey’s is Happy Heart…. I hope from this blog and the video you can see why Harvey means so very very much to me. He is my Happy Heart.

In my next blog the story of our dogs, George, Willow and Naughty Nora from Norfolk.

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