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About Wrought Iron and Brass Bed Cmpany

The family

So here is a chance to meet the family…

As we’re so proud to be a family company, it only seems right that you meat the family, and find out a little about us.

Amanda – Sales and Marketing – plus maker of a great cup of tea!

About Wrought Iron and Brass Bed CmpanyI am Mummy Oldfield, and I make a fab cup of tea; but my official role, sees me looking after the sales and marketing of our family company.

Before myself and Stephen started the company, I worked in sales and accounting; for an inner city high street bank, and following a health scare with Stephen, decided enough was enough. So we made the bold decision to move back to Norfolk, and hand make wrought iron beds; following the purchase of two iron beds for Jack and Harry; which were not the best.

Out of all our beds, Emma is my favourite. when I designed the Emma bed, some people (I will not mention names…Stephen) said it reminded him of his steam train. To this day he has not lived this down.

We do have an Emma bed at home with a sprung base and pillow top mattress, every night when I climb into bed I say ‘ I love you bed’! I am sure if you turned the bed knobs on the Emma bed you would be off to the Island of Nabuum buum.

What’s my favourite thing about Norfolk? The big blue skies, the lapwings in spring, the geese in the Autumn. Being able to drive to work never passing a single car, things to see on my journey most days – barn owl, deer, marsh harriers; and also being home.

Stephen – Production, Distribution and Accounts – plus chief cake and biscuit tester!

About Wrought Iron and Brass Bed CmpanyBefore setting up the company with Amanda, back in 2004; I worked in accounts for a fairly large company, based in Birmingham.

However, following a health scare I soon came to realise, that enough was enough; we needed a change. So it was then, when Amanda and I made the decision to move back to Norfolk and set up our own company; producing good quality hand made, wrought iron beds, that are also not only british made, but Norfolk made.

We’ve had our ups and downs, but one of the greatest ups (and there has been two in my books), was when our sons, Jack and Harry, made the decision to join the company on a full time basis. Although some days are testing; one thing that always brings a smile and a warm feeling, is I’m with my boys.

Amanda is right though, I will never live down my scepticism, when it came to the creation of the Emma bed; as every time we take a new order, I am the first to hear about it, and sometimes get an e-mail saying ‘Emma’s been busy’!

What do I like most about Norfolk? We’re here as a family, I can see my boys work together, and grow as young men; and can enjoy the pace of life, and no longer play catch up.

Jack – Production, Scheduling and Product Development – plus king of the BBQ!

About Wrought Iron and Brass Bed CmpanyBefore joining the family company, I studied Marine Biology at Portsmouth University. Since a young age I’ve always been fascinated by the sea, and marine life; and remember many summer holidays, in Norfolk, searching rock pools for weird and mysterious things.

However, when graduating it soon became apparent, that my interest in the technical aspects of research and science came about. So I moved back into the family home, and joined a large engineering company, specialising in the research and manufacturing pharmaceutical products.

But as all things progress and grow, it was time for me to join the family company, and apply the skills and knowledge; learnt over the past several years, to help take the company further and bring it forward in time.

So my main role is to oversee the production, scheduling and development of our hand made, wrought iron products. The one thing I like most about my job, is getting involved with the technical aspects; and also being able to take time out, and play with George (the family boxer); but majority of the time it ends up with me sitting with him, in his own hand made, wrought iron dog bed.

What’s the one thing I like most about Norfolk? The big open spaces, and of course the rock pools down on the beach.

Harry – Sales and Marketing – plus chief cake and treat yourself Friday baker!

About Wrought Iron and Brass Bed CmpanyAlthough I officially joined the company in March 2013, its been a big part of all our lives, since the start. However, this isn’t my first time working with the family as I previously worked along side mum and dad back in 2006, after finishing college. However, after a time, I decided I wanted to see the world and go to university.

So after a quick year travelling Australia, studying Primary Education at Derby University; and working for Virgin Atlantic. I’m back and ready to go!

I love coming to work and working along side mum, developing our marketing and advertising strategies, to help raise awareness, that there is a little family in Norfolk, who will hand make your wrought iron bed, and it comes guaranteed for a lifetime.

I still like to travel, but I always look forward to coming back to Norfolk. Growing up I always thought of myself as a city boy! Since living full time in Norfolk, it is safe to say “I prefer the countryside”.

What do I like most about Norfolk? The beaches are by far my favourite things about Norfolk. Traveling all over the globe, I would strongly argue that Norfolk has some of the best beaches out there. And sometimes, there’s no better way to spend a weekend (or a cheeky weekday) afternoon, with a picnic, paddling and taking in the sea air.

George – Chief dog bed tester – plus guard dog to the tennis balls!

About Wrought Iron and Brass Bed CmpanySadly we lost George May 2015 due to old age.