Our Sleep Promise

Here at the Wrought Iron and Brass Bed Co. we’ve been mastering, that perfect night’s sleep since 2003. From our iron beds, to our comforting mattress and natural fibre wool bedding. We have become an expert, in helping you achieve a harmonious and deep night’s sleep. But choosing the right bed, mattress and bedding can be difficult and sometimes a bit of a gamble. That is why, we’ve developed our Sleep Promise.

3 individual guarantees, ensuring you get a great night sleep… Guaranteed… you can’t get any better than that!

30 Day Bed Promise

If you decide you’ve chosen the wrong bed, we shall let you exchange it for another.

Our 30-night bed promise covers our full range, of handcrafted wrought iron beds. You must have made the purchase, direct from our showroom. And, you must have seen your style and colour in person.

Your 30-night bed promise, starts from the day your bed is delivered.  However, sadly we cannot back date your promise, for reasons out of our control. Your bed shall still be covered by our lifetime guarantee. Should your bed develop and imperfection, which is due to faulty materials and craftsmanship. We shall repair or replace your bed free of charge, at our discretion. For more details on our 30 Day Bed Promise, click here.

90 Day Mattress Comfort Promise

If you feel you have chosen the wrong Vispring mattress, we shall let you exchange it for a different spring tension.

Our 90-day sleep promise, applies to our range of Vispring mattresses and only applies to mattresses purchased directly with our showroom. You must have tried your selected model and spring tension in our showroom. And, have been given individual advice by ourselves, which you have followed in making your purchase.

Your 90-day comfort promise, starts from the day your mattress is delivered. Sadly, we are unable to back date this, due to aspects out of our control. All our Vispring mattresses come with a 30 year guarantee and should an imperfection develop, which is due to faulty materials and craftsmanship. Vispring will endeavour to repair or replace it free of charge, at their discretion. For more details on our 90-day comfort promise by Vispring. Please click here.

30 Night Bedding Sleep Guarantee

With our range of Wool Bedding Bundles, we guarantee a better night’s sleep or your money back.

Comforting and cosy, our range of well bedding bundles, naturally help to wick away moisture and regulate your body temperature night. To be eligible for the 30 night sleep guarantee, you must purchase one of our bedding bundles. In each bundle, you shall receive a;

  • Duvet of your choice
  • Mattress Protector
  • Two Pillow
  • Two FREE bags of extra pillow stuffing

Your 30-night sleep guarantee, starts from the day your bedding bundle is delivered. But, sadly it cannot be delayed, if you haven’t slept with your bedding set, due to aspects out of our control. For more details on The Woolroom sleep guarantee, click here.

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