Meet the Family

Here at the Wrought Iron and Brass Bed Co. we’ve been hand crafting iron beds for over a decade. Although we are a small team, we act like one big family. All our beds are expertly hand crafted, within our own workshop on the Royal Estate of Sandringham. With ever member of our extended family, playing a vital role. In ensuring our beds, meet our high standards of quality and making sure our customers receive an iron bed guaranteed to last a lifetime.

With all our beds containing an iron core and leg brackets welded into position. We are able to ensure, your iron bed will last a lifetime… with no squeaks or creaks.

Take a look below and meet the extended family, behind the Wrought Iron and Brass Bed Co.

Martin from wrought iron and brass bed co

Martin – Chief Welder and Fabricator

With over 20 years experience, Martin is our chief welder and fabricator. Whether it be an iron bed or brass and nickel bed. Martin is responsible for the main fabrication and welding of all our beds.

Mick from wrought iron and brass bed co

Mick – Brass Work and Assembly

Mick has been a family friend for many years and is the chief. When it comes to working with brass and assembling our range of iron and brass beds.

Sarah from wrought iron and brass bed co

Sarah – Powder Coating and Quality Control

When it comes to powder coating, Sarah is our leading Lady. Bringing our wide rage of wrought iron beds to life, with a splash of colour. Sarah is also responsible, for the final quality control checks and has a keen eye for detail.

Duncan from wrought iron and brass bed co

Duncan – Workshop Manager and Assembly

Not only does Duncan, ensure the workshop runs smoothly. But is also the master craftsmen, when it comes to assembling our range of brass and nickel bedsteads.

Gary from wrought iron and brass bed co

Gary – Deliveries and Dispatch

In charge of making sure our beds and mattresses are delivered on time. Gary is also a pro at assembling, our wide range of wrought iron beds and is quite partial to a cup of tea.

Jack from wrought iron and brass bed co

Jack – Operations

Jack is the eldest son, to founders Amanda and Stephen. Overseeing the workshop, Jack also is in charge of all bespoke projects.

Harry from wrought iron and brass bed co

Harry – Sales and Marketing

In charge of raising brand awareness and telling our family story. Harry is also in charge of our showroom and making the perfect cup of tea.

Stephen from wrought iron and brass bed co

Stephen – Accounts

With over 30 years experience, Stephen is responsible for all things financial. Plus, making sure everybody is well watered and fed.

Amanda from wrought iron and brass bed co

Amanda – Founder & Managing Director

Not only is Amanda the co-founder of the Wrought Iron and Brass Bed Co., but also Mum and chief to the extended family. Amanda has done it all… from deliveries to powder coating. Although not welding… sometimes a line must be drawn, for the safety of others.