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Buying a new bed and mattress, is a whopping big deal – it’s not something you do every day and can become an impossible task. Get it right and you can experience the perfect night sleep, for many years to come. Get it wrong and there’s many restless and tiring nights ahead.

Here at the wrought iron and brass bed company, we’ve been hand crafting iron beds since 2003 and have become a bit of an expert. In mastering the perfect wrought iron bed and harmonious night sleep. We guarantee your hand-crafted iron bed shall last a lifetime and your comforting mattress, shall offer the perfect night sleep, for many years to come.

Through a few simple choices, you can tailor make your bed guaranteeing it’s perfect for you. From choosing the colour of your frame, to choosing on your overall comfort feel. We’ve fine-tuned our wrought iron beds, comforting bases and natural fibre mattresses to ensure buying from us, gives you that harmonious night’s sleep and fabulous looking iron bed.

bronze bed frame

Iridescent Bronze

ivory bed frame


cream bed frame


black bed frame


pearl black bed frame

Pearl Black

raw metal bed frame

Raw Metal with Clear Lacquer

midnight blue bed frame

Midnight Blue

mint green bed frame

Mint Green

yellow bed frame


powder blue bed frame

Powder Blue

Choose Your Colour…

Iron Beds – From clean and crisp Ivory, to a bold and funky colour pop, with our zesty Yellow finish. Our iron beds are available in a wide variety of colours, helping you create a simple, classic, timeless bedroom feature. Or one that is wild, funky and fresh.

Iron & Brass Beds – As standard our iron and brass beds, come in a choice of Ivory, Cream or Black. With other colours available. If you’re looking for that classic, Victorian iron bed design, then our standard black is the perfect choice.

Brass & Nickel Beds – Available in Brass, Satin Brass, Brushed Steel and Nickel. Our range of brass and nickel beds truly do make a statement. Powder coated finished are available, as a bespoke request. For more details please call our showroom on 01485 542516.

Iridescent Bronze New for 2019 – Create that indulgent and opulent look, with our Iridescent Bronze colour finish. Featuring deep metallic hues, which bring a luxurious twist, to a classic and timeless iron bed frame. With a finish, that sparkles and changes with the light. Team with our brass finials and create a true statement bedstead. 

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Choose Your Finials…

Authentic Brass Finials – Create that heritage iron bed look, with our authentic brass finials. Hand spun from brass and un-lacquered, so they shall tarnish with age. Our brass authentic brass finials, are available on our range of Iron Beds and Iron & Brass Beds.

Nickel Finials – Looking for a finishing touch, that is a little more contemporary? Then our nickel finials are perfect for you. Borderline high affect chrome, these hand spun finials boast definitive shine and shimmer. Bringing a modern home touch, to a traditional style of bedstead.

Round Finials – Only available on our range of Iron Beds. Our round finials come the same colour as your bed, providing a smooth transition from bed to finials. Helping to create a delicate and subtle wrought iron bed.

Acorn Finials – Available on our range on Iron Beds, our acorn finals look stunning on our Lily Iron Bed. Powder coated in the same colour as your bed, these finials create a gentle and feminine iron bed design.

brass bed finials

Authentic Brass

nickel bed finials


Acorn bed finials


round bed finials


bed base slats

Choose Your Bed Base…

As standard our beds come with a slatted base include. 15cm wide, just shy of an inch deep and made from Scandinavian Pine. Our slats offer just the right amount of comfort and support, for a good night sleep. But our bed bases certainly do bring, that extra touch of support and comfort. 

Non-sprung Bed Base – Offering head to toe support, our non-sprung bed base, is a great way to get that firmer comfort feel, from your iron bed. Providing a firm foundation for your mattress to sit on, experience extra support where needed and help your mattress wear more evenly.

Sprung Bed Bases – Offering that extra layer of comfort and support, sink into your mattress and experience a great night’s sleep. Providing head to toe support, with an extra layer of comfort. Our sprung bed base, offer harmonious comfort and support.

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Choose Your Mattress…

Chosen for their crucial quality of comfort and support. Our range of mattresses ensure, you experience a peaceful and harmonious night sleep.

Everyday Mattresses – Hand made in Yorkshire, our range of everyday mattresses. Combine comfort and supportive natural fillings, with everyday affordability.

Hypnos Mattresses – Discover a great night’s sleep, with our range of Hypnos Mattresses. Featuring 37.5 technology and Wools of New Zealand wool, these Royal appointed mattresses, feature natural fibres, soft sleeping surfaces and all come with a 10 year warranty.

Vispring – Experience optimum comfort and a harmonious night sleep, with our range of Vipring mattresses. Upholstered with exclusive natural fibres of Platinum British Wool, Cotton and other luxurious fillings. Each Vispring mattresses comes with a 30 year warranty and are available in a wide range of comfort feels.

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vispring regal embroided close up