Your smart phone is killing your sleep!!

Your Smart Phone is Killing Your Sleep!!

The other night, sitting on the sofa, watching Saturday night television, I decided to change the background wallpaper on my iPhone! Yes, this could have been a 2-minute job, but as the television wasn’t holding my attention, this turned into a leisurely stroll …. Then I stumbled across it … “Night Shift” … What’s this I asked?

Turns out, in my last iOS software update, Apple introduced a new function called “Night Shift”. A setting designed to reduce the amount of blue light, released by the screen at night! So I did some research!


What is Blue Light and how does it affect your sleep?

Turns out my Science teacher, all those years ago was talking sense! Blue Light is light made by magnetic parcels charged by electros (electromagnetic particles), which are very high in energy…. So much so, that they border on the spectrum of “Harmful Light” such as UV rays!


But how does Blue Light affect your sleep?

Well, Blue Light increases levels of alertness… (not a great thing to have, if your trying to get ready for night nights!) It also elevates mood levels, again not a great thing to elevate before bed! (Unless… Well… You Know!! …)

Anyway… the issue is this! With all these mixed messages being sent to your brain, Blue Light can have a drastic impact on your Circadian Rhythm (the body’s natural body clock, that works on a 24-hour cycle). When the sun starts to set, your body releases Melatonin (a hormone that naturally makes you sleepy). An increase in Blue Light, conflicts mother natures prompts and your Circadian Rhythm, which consequently impacts you nodding off! … Every laid there, putting the world to rights and doing a mental shopping list!!! whilst your partner is fast a sleep…. That’s possibly because, they didn’t play Candy Crush before bed….

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How can Night Shift help?

The function of night shift is very simple! It shifts the light emitted from your phone, to the warmer end of the colour spectrum. Helping to reduce interference with your body’s Circadian Rhythm! and it works in two ways… One function lets you set it to come on and turn off, with the sunset and sunrise in your geographical location. The second is great, if you work irregular hours or night shifts! And that is its manual function, where you determine it’s on and off time.

So in short….

Night Shift is a great new setting on the iPhone, that will help reduce the amount of Blue Light given off by your iPhone, at hours when your body is getting ready for bed! Helping you establish a smoother transition from day to night.

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