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iron bed in mint green

Our Summer Sale is back…

but hurry, as it ends on June 30th!

With savings based on value and a price increase scheduled for August, our summer sale is the perfect way to celebrate all things summer. And to create the perfect heaven, for those Sunday morning sunny lay ins.

Whether you are treating yourself, refurbishing the guest bedroom or simply upgrading your mattress! Our summer sale covers it all.

Like our beds, we keep our sales simple! Spend a certain amount to receive a certain amount off. It’s as simple as that! Take a look at the discounts available and read below, our top 5 ways to maximise your discount.

Top 5 ways to maximise our sale discount

Upgrade your bed!

Changing your style can mean the difference between saving £250 and saving £500! Swap from a Bronte, King Size to a Tara, King Size and save a little extra, but gain extra in style!

brushed steel iron bed

Add on a bed base!

Add that extra layer of comfort to your bed and help your mattress last longer, by adding on a bed base… Plus, it may help you save a little extra, as well as that well earned extra hour in bed!

4 inch hard bed base
firm pocket sprung mattress

Add on a Mattress…

With our natural fiber mattresses starting from £792 for a double. You are already guaranteed to save £100!!

Go raw to save more!

Although an extra £75, adding our raw metal finish to an Albert, King Size, would mean you save £250 instead of £100!

mattress topper wool

Wool Bedding

Get ready to snuggle, with our 100% British Wool Bedding… Add an All Seasons Bedding Bundle to boost your discount and benefit from a 3 in 1 duvet.