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Made Just for You

Whether you order online, over the phone or at our showroom, we can offer a level of customising that no other company can offer! Giving you the flexibility to choose… any style… any size… any colour… with the finishing touches of Finials, Bed Bases and Mattresses…. meaning the bed we deliver is made just for you.

But no matter how you choose to place your order, or if you have any questions! Please feel free to call us on: 01485 542516 or e-mail us at:

Choose Your Colour…


Iron bed colours


Iron bed colours


Iron bed colours


Iron bed colours
Only available on Brass and Nickel Beds


Iron bed colours
Only available on Brass and Nickel Beds

Our additional colours are available at an extra charge of £75 per bed…

Raw Metal

Iron bed colours

see below for more details and images

Mint Green

Iron bed colours


Iron bed colours

Powder Blue

Iron bed colours


Iron bed colours

Marine Blue

Iron bed colours

Choose Your Finials…

(if applicable)


cream round finials


brass finials


nickel finials

additional charge of £40.


acorn cream finials

Choose Your Base…

Choose Your Mattress…

Slatted Base

Wooden slat bed base

A slatted base comes standard will all our beds.

Unsprung Bed Base

Unsprung bed base

An unsprung bed base, is like popping a mini divan on your side rails! This will help isolate bounce and make your choice of mattress firmer.

Sprung Bed Base

Sprung Bed Base

A sprung bed base is the perfect add on, if you are seeking a bed with a softer touch. Offering an extra layer of comfort and bounce, our sprung base is simple lovely. However, do remember that adding on a bed base, will increase the height of your mattress.

natural fibre mattress

All of our mattresses are made in the United Kingdom! Meaning we can ensure the quality, matches that of our beds.

A Raw Look… For Our Hand Crafted Iron Beds!

“The raw metal finish and smooth, simple lines of the beautiful Edward bed by the Wrought Iron and Brass Bed company will create an elegant look in any bedroom.”

Jane Akers, Former Deputy Editor, Country Homes & Interiors

If a statement bed is what you are after, then embrace the power of Raw!!

Our Raw Metal Finish with Lacquer can be applied to any of our beds and truly creates, a hand crafted iron bed that is unique to you!

Each and every Iron Bed that is in the raw metal finish is unique, as no two cuts of metal will ever be the same colour! And as we weld our beds (which gives a much stronger and robust bed, that doesn’t squeak or fall apart) each heat exchange, during the welding process will never take the same pattern! Helping create you, your very own “bespoke” iron bed.

However, the final colour is forever changing! As when capturing bright light (either natural or artificial), the raw metal will expose it’s metallic and silver qualities! But in darker light, the raw metal will expose a dull bronze, grungy side…. That in all gives a finish, that will adapt and change with the seasons!

But do not be miss lead, that this is a powder finish! As this is literally the raw metal with a clear lacquer on top! So variation in tones and imperfections will be on display… But that just adds to the charm, of having a hand crafted, raw Iron Bed.

For more information on the Raw Metal Finish with lacquer, please call our showroom: 01485 542516

Please note colours are a representation and may differ from true colour. Our Black has a textured finished. Bespoke colours and finish are available on request. Please call our showroom for more details 01485 542516.