The Wrought Iron and Brass Bed Co.

Welcome to The Wrought Iron and Brass Bed Co, our family run company, where all our beds are hand made in Norfolk, England and come with a lifetime guarantee.

Inspired by traditional designs with some contemporary thrown in there too, we offer a variety of styles. Ranging from Iron Beds to ornate Brass, Metal and Nickel Beds, we cater to both adults and children.

As we make them ourselves, we can also offer a full-bespoke service; so if you have an odd shaped room or one with a challenging ceiling pitch, we can adapt our classical Iron Beds to suit your needs.

Not only are our beds hand made in Britain, but our mattresses and bed bases are too; and all come with a 10 year guarantee!


So rest easy, knowing your new bed and mattress, have both been carefully crafted just for you in the United Kingdom.

Not many other companies can tell a story like ours, so why not find out more about us! Or why not contact us and discover what we can offer that the high street cannot…a family story!

If you would like to discuss any aspect of our iron beds, then please do not hesitate to telephone us on 01485 542516 visit us at our Norfolk showroom, or send us an e-mail.

A new handcrafted Iron Bed for Spring 2016…


Hear the name Elsa and your first thoughts, may be of a very famous Disney movie, with some very catchy tunes!!! But our Elsa bed comes from, warmer climates and after a very famous Lioness!

Handcrafted from Iron and finished in coating that is similar to enamel. Elsa offers a design that could be dressed up! Or dressed down! With a hoop fitting, to hold light weight drapes (not included)… Elsa would be the focal point of any, midsummer nights dream!

But how does that link with our iron beds? Well in 2002 the we as a family, added a little Yellow Labrador to our household, who was mischievous, full of personality and had paws the size of a Lion and so the name Elsa seemed quite fitting!!… And as all our beds are named with the personal touch! We couldn’t think of a name that encompasses a household story that echoed through our childhoods! and to the memory of a great bundle of personality, kindness and joy

But Elsa boasts a little more…. As for every Elsa we sell, Unknowna donation will be made to the Born Free Foundation. A donation that will buy a heat pad to keep a sick orphan baby elephant arm and help fund other worldwide projects of the Born Free Foundation…. For more details on Elsa, please click the image or simply click here

Note: Elsa is excluded from our sale…


Don’t forget your Mattress…

There are many things to consider, when try to achieve a good nights sleep… a beautiful hand crafted Iron, Brass or Nickel bed… the temperature of the room… remembering not to eat cheese before bed (although not scientifically proven, we believe its true)… and of course the perfect Mattress…

The mattress is probably to key ingredient, into a good nights sleep… All our mattresses are made in England and come with a 5 year warranty! But don’t let the price make you think, we have cut back on the quality. We can simply offer these prices, as we do not have to worry about import duties, large overheads of a department store and shipping costs.

Our new collection offers a range of natural fibres including, Cotton, Wool, Silk and Cashmere, hand stitched sides, hand made wool tufts and a specification ranging from 1400 to 1800 springs!

These mattresses are our Wool Luxury Pocket Sprung Mattress, Cashmere Pocket Sprung Mattress, Natural Pillow Top Mattress and our Natural Luxury Mattress…. Or take a look at our full range of mattresses and see if you’ll still be counting sheep at the end!!

Natural Luxury Pocket Mattress

With 1800 springs (based on King Size) and a spring gauge of 1.6mm, our Natural Luxury Mattress is like sleeping on air!

With all the qualities of our Wool Luxury mattress (the only natural materials in the world, naturally grown to regulate temperature in all weathers and climates), our Natural Luxury also embraces layers of Cashmere, Silk and Cotton!

Did You Know? … Cotton is a non-allergenic natural fibre… meaning it does not irritate sensitive skin! and due to it’s strength, it is ideal for medical and personal hygiene products!!!

Natural Pillow Top Mattress

With 3 rows of hand side stitched borders (to prevent buckling), 1400 springs (based on King Size) and a topper filled with Wool and Cashmere, our Natural Pillow Top will make you want to climb into bed…. not onto bed!

With all the qualities of our Wool Luxury mattress (the only natural materials in the world, naturally grown to regulate temperature in all weathers and climates), our Natural Pillow Top embraces an extra soft and spongy layer, Wool and Cashmere!

Wool Pocket Sprung Mattress

Hand tufted with wool tufts and 1400 springs (based on King Size) our Wool Luxury, is simply a beautiful hand crafted natural mattress.

Wool is one of the only natural materials in the world, naturally grown to regulate temperature in all weathers and climates. Meaning it is warm in winter and cool in summer… and its performance is based on the individual persons needs!

Our family favourites…

Oliver iron bed

Jack’s Favourite Bed

Edward in Raw Metal

This is my personal favourite, as I like the simple style combined with the raw industrial look.

Emma wrought iron bed in black

Amanda’s Favourite Bed

Emma in Black with Brass

Emma is my own personal design and is what we have at home. Everynight I feel as if I’m on the set of Bedknobs and Broomsticks!

Harry’s Favourite Bed

Tara in Nickel

Living in a small home, light is a key focus. With Tara in Nickel being so reflective, I am able to gain the sense of space in tight environment.

Victoria wrought iron bed

Stephen’s Favourite Bed

Victoria in Black and Brass

Victoria reminds me of a classic Victorian bed – with strong legs and sweeping lines.

Handmade iron beds in Norfolk